Somerset Hills Gran Fondo | Sunday May 3rd 2015

Somerset Hills Gran fondo Sportive

Riders on the 2014 SHGF

Somerset Hills Gran Fondo News

The Cheddar team are pleased to announce that we shall be doing it all again for 2015. The date is May 3rd 2015.

We take all your comments and address them to improve our event for the following year. I know lots of you who have ridden with us before, and I know you realise we respond to this because you have recognised the improvements and reminded us in your emails and through remarks on social media. All your positive feed back is considered and put in to the mix with our own post mortem to make positive changes for 2015. And yes there will be more sausage rolls!!

Sue, Pete and I have to start by thanking our regular crew who make this event worth running; it is their efforts and exceptional help that continue to make our event one of the best in the calendar.
Just make sure you get it in your calendar for May 3rd 2015 “or else”. Ta.

Again in 2014 we enjoyed fantastic weather. That in itself underlines a great event. Participants always enjoy the experience when the sun is on their backs and not the rain and drizzle of previous months. Those riders on the Gran and Medio sportive actually rode their bikes where weeks earlier there was nearly 2 meters of water.

On a serious note, thank you for all compliments. We like that, and we seriously take on board all you say. We aim to provide the best riding experience we can in our county. It is important we get the signage right, stock the feed stations appropriately, provide tech cover, create seamless logistics and do a deal with “who ever” to get the weather sorted.

Please keep a constant eye on our website for new information about 2015 such as changes of routes and distances. I realise you are absolutely desperate to conquer Crowcombe climb again!!

Finally a big thank you to all that worked on the Sportive and all that enjoyed the riding experience with us. See you next year. Keep training.

- David R Moore

Somerset Hills Gran fondo Sportive
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