Somerset Hills Gran Fondo

Dear Sportive rider,

Sadly we have decided to cancel the event, the fact is although we tried to revive it after a re-think during the autumn we just are not getting the interest or indeed the entries.

It’s a sad fact but riders are finding other sportives to try and the “field” is so diluted, which is great for participants, that organisers like me are just not getting the numbers to make the event pay. Hence risking an expensive failure. I would like to thank all our past riders and all the crew who have helped and volunteered over the last few years without our combined effort the sportives would not have worked as well as they did in previous years. It’s sad but that’s how it is.

I have been organising events since 1989 and now it’s over. Sue and I have enjoyed all the “cut and thrust” and challenges of putting on great events and now, for us, it is time to just reflect on the great times we had and not to fail attempting what appears to be doomed.

If anyone would like to take it on we may be able to make a deal but that’s unlikely. Alternatively we have all the kit and gear for sale if other organisers are looking for signs and arrows etc.

Once again thank you all for your support over the years.

- David Moore.

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