Somerset Hills Gran Fondo | Sunday May 3rd 2015

Somerset Hills Gran Fondo News

Another year another sportive, the calendar is full of them, but we are proud to claim we were one of the originals. We are now Somerset Hills…..etc but were originally Cheddar Challenge; helsion days with years full of road, mountain bike and BMX events. What a pedigree, always striving to do better and, we think, succeeding……well at least, in some small way. We can claim however that we were the original and first sportive to adopt the Gran Fondo name although I realise we don’t have closed roads it is still the title that means mass participation bike ride with all the camaraderie to enjoy.

We take you seriously that’s why we listen to all your comments and deal with them. Your emails and social media feedback mean a lot to us that’s why I can announce “there will be more sausage rolls this year” there I’ve said it, can’t get away with a shortage this time.

A big thanks to the crew and volunteers again, without you our event couldn’t work so see you to start work on the 24th of April. OK??

You will all be pleased to know it’s going to be tougher his year. All the distances have been increased and there is more climbing…..yes more climbing. So start training, Tom will have all the new routes posted as soon as so you can see what you are in for. This year’s catch phrase is “The Bitch is Back” and it is, you’ll find out. This is a tough year and you will talk about this for a long time.

An added nutrition stop will help plus a planned caffeine pit stop at the summit of another climb just to keep those legs spinning. We have other ideas in the melting pot but I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot just in case so we can’t talk about pig roasts and beer gardens yet….or can we??

We welcome the Eroica amongst you; if you wish to take part you are welcome. We would love to see those precious steeds riding with us.

Local riders have volunteered to be Guardians and will be cycling with you to let us know at the start/finish area if we have any issues that need sorting during the day. Our aim is to get you round the route safely.

Its up to you, the price is the same, come along and give it a go, you won’t be disappointed. This is a definite challenge well worth adding to your list we all hope here you will come along and enjoy the experience. Keep training.

- David Moore.

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